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HR Management

A successful and thriving organization starts with leadership, and a dedicated human resources team. Laying the foundations for employee retention can be the key to unlocking your businesses growth and potential. Here’s how we get you there.

Managing human resources within any organization is one of the most important responsibilities leaders have. By far, managing talent and ensuring the on-going development of talent plays a tremendous role in determining the culture and productivity of an organization.

Training and Development

Keep your teams engaged and on the cutting edge. From developing and launching a learning needs assessments to creating tailored curricula for skill development, our team are expert educators, trainers, and program developers. Let us help you elevate your team’s skills so that they can always be at the forefront – bringing their best to work for you every day.

Onboarding Program

Ensure that your new hires are inducted into your company’s culture and norms by developing strong on-boarding programs. Our team can help – from strategy to implementation our team can help you ensure that your new recruits start strong and stay longer

Staff Engagement

What is expected of me? Am I trusted to make the right decision? What defines success in my role and at this organization? These – and hundreds more questions like them – are on the minds of employees as they work for you. Engaging your staff in decision-making, change management, and day-to-day business is key to retaining a happy and engaged staff. Let us help you survey your teams, develop engagement strategies, and help you to leverage the very best resource you have – your people.

Change Management

If making meaningful organizational change is your goal, let our team help you craft the roll-out strategy to ensure that you, your teams, and your company are all moving forward together.

Integration of Virtual Teams

Many leaders are rethinking what “work” looks like. With COVID-19, many organizations have quickly – and quite successfully – transitioned to remote work. It’s almost impossible to imagine that we will go back to the “old” way of working. Let us help you think through what the future of “work” looks like for you and ensure that you have the resources, training, and support necessary to integrate teams into a new – and more flexible – virtual and hybrid work environment.

Staffing Solutions

Intelysource practices human capital acquisition and development for our commercial and government clients. We provide short- and long-term technical and professional staffing. Recruiters at Intelysource are dedicated to identifying superior talent. Disciplined nurturing of a vast pool of candidates allows us to make the recruiting process effective in vetting candidates based on their competencies, skills, abilities, and aspirations resulting in successful placements.

Human Capital Development

Our human capital development consultants grasp the importance of effective and efficient learning in the development of organizational competencies. We are convinced that a systematic approach to learning coupled with appropriate learning and assessment strategies enables adult learners to acquire knowledge and skills as needed to perform optimally.

Human Capital Management

We understand the process, procedures, and standards and human capital management systems that enable management of the entire human capital life-cycle from the identification of organizational competency requirements, to job and task analysis, to recruiting, selection, orientation and training, to performance assessment and remediation, and to succession planning and transitions. Our organizational effectiveness and human capital management consultants provide strategic human capital, workforce, and succession planning. We specialize in organizational assessment, cultural transformation, and transition and change management.

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